New Hope

Our company creates unique and high-quality souvenirs, which are not only symbols of travel and memory, but also impress customers with original design and refined quality, giving a unique character to each product.

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We offer a specialized product

We are interested in the profitability of your business

1. We provide a varied range of unique souvenirs to meet the preferences of both wholesale and retail customers.

2.Enjoy individual and favorable collaboration conditions, ensuring competitive prices and order flexibility.

3. Our product range is continually updated to offer modern, trend-focused items that captivate buyers.

4. Striving for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, we offer high-quality products and supportive services for your business success.

We study the demand and instantly respond to it

1. Our own retail network gives us the opportunity to analyze customer requests on a daily basis, which allows us to produce only the sold product

2. We are also ready to share this knowledge with you by recommending bestsellers and other statistics

Convenient operation for online trading

1. If you have an online store or social networks through which you sell products, then it will be very convenient for you to work with us

2. We provide high-quality content for work, our online store allows you to conveniently and quickly upload our range of products to your site.

Convenient payment system

1. You can pay in any way convenient for you: paycard, Company current account, PayPal, Payoneer, Binance, bank transfers.

2. Check the payment method for your region with the manager